Estate Administration

We can assist you in the administration of your loved one’s Estate. Acting as Executor or otherwise handling the Estate of a loved one can be very traumatic. Your role as Executor is one of great responsibility.

We can assist you from the moment that tragedy has struck to ensure that your experience is as trouble-free as possible.

Maximising and protecting your estate

Including a Testamentary Discretionary Trust in your Will can give your family more money and security when it matters most. Make your Will tax effective and protective of your family. Creating a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will gives your family access to the assets and money they need, while at the same time protecting those assets from outside forces.


Unfortunately, the incidence of bankruptcy in our society is on the increase. Often one spouse will guarantee the other’s business or investment venture.

To some extent we can all be at risk whether in traditional high risk occupations or not. However, if an inheritance has been provided through a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will and appropriately administered, offers protection from attack by creditors.


An inheritance provided through a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will and appropriately administered is less vulnerable of a Family Court order in the case of a marriage breakup.

The inheritance may have some effect on the terms of a matrimonial property settlement but this is a far better outcome than having the assets you have left to your children or spouse being handed over to someone outside the family.

Taxation advantages

Although these features are in themselves excellent reasons to include a Testamentary Discretionary Trust in your Will, there are also enormous tax savings a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will gives your family.

The big advantage is that children under 18 are taxed as adults on receipt from the Testamentary Discretionary Trust and the same marginal tax rates apply.

Without this special provision, trust income to children under 18 is taxed at the highest marginal rate of 45% after just the first few hundred dollars.

Spendthrifts and people with disabilities

It is not uncommon for people suffering from any one of a variety of disabilities to be unable to properly manage their financial affairs. Families wish to ensure that an adequate but protected fund is set up to meet their reasonable needs. The flexibility of a Testamentary Discretionary Trust, especially if combined with a Memorandum of Wishes as to how the trust should be administered, can be an appropriate arrangement.

Never too late

Increasingly, husbands and wives are revoking their Wills and making new Testamentary Discretionary Trust style Wills. Grandparents are also making new Testamentary Discretionary Trust style Wills providing education trusts for their grandchildren which have the added advantage of maximising the tax free income that can be applied for the benefit of the grandchild.

Testamentary Discretionary Trust Wills, while largely promoted as a tax saving mechanism have many other advantages. Their inherent flexibility makes them worthy for consideration in your overall estate planning strategies.

Our Service to you

We appreciate the importance of your personal affairs. Throughout our relationship you will receive expert guidance to assist you in your decisions. Our team will be responsible for preparing your Testamentary Discretionary Trust Will and will meet you personally to discuss your wishes.

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We guarantee professionalism, personal service and knowledge. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our service, we will do whatever is necessary to achieve your satisfaction.

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