Buy / Sell Agreements

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The special relationship shared by owners of a Business can be soured by the events following the death or incapacity or retirement of an owner.

Significant financial pressure can be felt by:

  • the remaining owner, if they are obliged to suddenly buy out their former co-owner;
  • the family of the departing co-owner, if the death, incapacity or retirement has left them without a source of income or a capital sum for the value of the owner’s interest in the Business.

Yet it may be impossible for the remaining owner to continue the Business in partnership with a retired owner or the legal personal representative of a deceased or incapable owner or the deceased owner’s spouse.

A Buy/Sell Agreement regulates the exit of partners and provides security regarding the payment for the interest of the exiting owners.

You may also wish to enter a Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement to regulate the management of the Business during its operation.

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