Business Agreements

Shareholders Agreements, Partnership Agreements and other Co-Ownership Agreements

We can prepare your Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement or other Co-Ownership Agreement.

When you are in Business with someone or jointly investing, whether through a Trust, Company or Partnership, it is a very special relationship.

Those relationships are always entered into with the expectation that it will be very successful.

What happens when things go wrong?

The breakdown of a business relationship can be time consuming and costly.

The Business owners can waste time and money arguing about:

  • Who is entitled to make decisions for the Business?
  • How much of the Business does each person own?
  • What are the obligations of the owners to contribute:
    • Time? Or
    • Money?

A properly prepared Co-Ownership Agreement will help to guide your relationship on the road to success and soften the blow if things go wrong.

You may also wish to enter a Buy/Sell Agreement to ensure the smooth transition of the Business in the event of death or retirement of an owner.

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